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It began with three obsessions.  Music, Upcycling and Vintage Tins.

Here you'll find our current range of Upcycled Musical Instruments

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Upcycled Musical Instruments

The ingenious One String Canjo is probably the easiest stringed instrument in the world to play. Based on the "Diddley Bow" which originated in the USA, the Canjo consists of a tin or wooden box , a wooden neck and a string.  The Spatchcock and Wurzill Canjo is fretted using a dulcimer or diatonic scale, which basically translates as a major scale, or the white keys of a piano.
By using a very simple play by numbers system even someone who has never picked up a guitar before can play a recognisable tune within 60 seconds of holding a Canjo. The Canjo is supplied with the booklet  "Introduction to the Canjo"

The Canjo



The necks of my cigar box and vintage tin guitars and Ukuleles are hand made and shaped using reclaimed and upcycled hardwood furniture  such as Teak, Oak, Mahogany and Beech.

I  reclaim and upcycle all manner of boxes,  vintage tins and other enclosed spaces to make the guitar body and therefore  all my guitars have different characteristics determined by the body shape, size and material.  As a general guide, the bigger the body, the bassier the sound.
My vintage tin guitars and cigar box guitars sound great acoustically and all have in built pick ups for amplification.    See the Resources section for tunings, chords diagrams and other useful information.



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