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The Marmite Tenor Ukulele
  • The Marmite Tenor Ukulele


    Love It Or Hate It

    A Lovely Hand made Tenor Ukulele made from an  upcycled Marmite Tin and reclaimed Oak.

    Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele
    17 Inch Fully Fretted Hand Shaped Oak Neck Made From Reclaimed Furniture
    Classical Geared Tuners
    Custom Mahogany Tail Piece
    Walnut & Threaded Bar Bridge
    Pozidrive Inlay Markers
    Piezo Transducer Pick Up For Amplification Through A Standard Guitar Amp  Radio Amps
    1/4 Inch Input Jack Socket
    Aquila Nylgut 
    G C E A

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