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Photo Gallery

Here you'll find  a small selection of Cigar Box & Tin Guitars, Tin Ukuleles and Canjos that we've made over the years

Guitars & Dulcimers

The Gathering Of The Clans Guitar
Floral Design Tin Guitar
Commissioned Harley Davidson Tin Gui
The Jack Danials Radio Tin Guitar
Vintage Swan Design Tin Guitar
Classic Yorkshire Tea Guitar
Jack Daniels Steam Punk Tin Guitar
Jack Danials Tin Guitar
Glen Morangie Whisky Tin Guitar


Wallace & Grommit Tin Ukulele
The Vader Tin Ukulele
Upcycled GlenMorangie Tin Ukulele
Beautiful Flower Tin Ukulele
Upcycled Storm Trooper Tin Ukulele
Upcycled Wagon Wheels Tin Ukulele
Vintage Thorntons Toffee Tin Ukulele
The Koala Tin Ukulele
The Oxolele Tin Ukulele

Canjos and Diddley Bows

The Bird Box Canjo
The Dark Lords Lunch Box Canjo
Farrahs Toffee Electric Canjo
R2D2 Canjo
Glen Morangie Electro Canjo
Creme De Menthe Canjo
Turkish Delight Box Canjo
Vintage Tin Electro Canjos
Animal Canjo
Vintage Tin Canjo
The Beano Canjo
Floral Tin One String Canjo
Vintage Comic Canjo Collection
Jack Daniels Canjo
Jack Daniels Bottle Tin Canjo
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