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Model Biplane
  • Vintage Wooden Biplane Model

    A fun and stylish wooden vintage biplane puzzle.

    Cut from ecologically sustainable white poplar this wooden puzzle is great fun to assemble with no glue required.

    Can be pained or stained (as shown in the 1st Photograph) to permanently display in the home, bedroom or office.

    Please note that this is a puzzle so no instructions are supplied as this would spoil the fun. It is however a relatively simple model and you can always refer to the pictures if you get stuck. If you do intend to glue the pieces together we recommend  doing a 'dry run' first!

    The model pieces are supplied on two A4 size plywood boards and the components are simply popped out ready for use.

    The completed model measures approximately 20 cm wide x 28 cm long x 12 cm high.

    This would make an ideal gift as either a puzzle or a stylish vintage style ornament.

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