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Viking Weaving Tablets
  • Viking Weaving Tablets

    Sets of 12 cards for Tablet Weaving with shuttle.

    These superior tablet weaving cards are made from 2mm thick MDF wood and precision cut with marked corner holes for ease of setting up the pattern design.  


    Each card measures 5 cm square.


    Tablet weaving is a craft that has been practiced since ancient times, in most countries of the Old World.  Its origins were probably in rope making, a technique which is thought to have preceded any other form of weaving. Tablet woven bands have been found in Egyptian tombs of the 22nd Dynasty, 945 to 745 BC and are the earliest known examples of the craft.


    We know the Vikings were familiar with the craft by the discovery of a set of tablets, complete with threaded warp in the burial ship of Queen Asa, who died about 850 AD.

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