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Tablet Weaving Kit
  • Viking Tablet Weaving Kit

    Learn the ancient art of Viking Tablet Weaving with this wonderful Bookmark Kit.


    The kit contains everything you need to make a beautiful woven bookmark to familiarise yourself with this highly addictive and fun craft.. Once you've completed your bookmark you'll have a detailed knowledge of how to weave, read patterns and create your own designs.


    The kit contains
    12 Weaving Tablets made from 2mm thick mdf wood.
     3 colours of 48 precut yarn of 100% 4 ply DK Cotton.

    Weaving shuttle 

    Wooden directional arrow to ensure you don't get lost following the pattern.

    Belt hook and O' ring .

    Full, easy to follow, step by step written instructions with colour photographs


    Once you've completed your bookmark and you'd like to make more complex and  larger fabrics you can buy additional tablets or our Tablet Weaving Loom .

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