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Bee Hive Clock
  • The Bee Hive Clock, Dark Oak

    A lovely traditional Bee hive dark wood wall clock.

    This beautiful clock will compliment any wall and decor depicting a traditional wooden beehive surrounded by the industrious little honey bees.  The hours are represented by intricately engraved bees in flight making with gold highlights on the abdomen and thorax making this an unusual and unique  time piece.

    Designed and created in my little workshop in the heart of rural North Yorkshire, this wall clock is inspired by the constant humming surrounding me throughout summer and my wife's passion for bee keeping.  

    When my wife first began her hobby, we collected her first swarm from Skipton some 50 away. I don't mind admitting that it was a little disconcerting transporting a hive with  a few thousand bees in a little hatchback car along those bumpy country roads.

    The clock measures 22 cm in diameter and is made by engraving the design onto sustainable 3 mm, dark stained poplar wood with a 6 mm MDF backing giving a solid 9 mm total depth.    The total depth the including hands, face and clock mechanism is approximately 5 cm. 

    The accurate quartz silent (non ticking) clock mechanism is driven by a standard AA battery (not supplied).   The hands are made from gold coloured metal and the minute hand length is 10 cm.  

    If your house decor would suit a lighter clock face, please see my other Beehive clock listing.

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