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One String Super Heroes

What Can You Do With One String?

In this Blog we highlight 3 original artists who've taken playing one string to a whole new level.

Brushy One String

From the streets of Jamaica to Global Stardom, Brushy One String (born Andrew Chin) captivates his audiences with his driving, upbeat grooves and powerful gritty voice.

His YouTube videos such as Chicken In The Corn and One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer won him literally millions of worldwide fans and set him on course for global sell out tours. For a full Bio and discography pop over to brushyonestring.com

Sea Sick Steve

Seasick Steve (born Steven Gene Wold) is without doubt the artist most famous today for playing the single string guitar or 'Diddley Bow'. Born in 1940 his early life is famously chequered with time spent as a hobo, carnival worker and cowboy.

His musical career took off after appearing on the Jools Holland Hootananny BBC TV show in 2006 playing various home made instruments. After his appearance he commented "I can't believe it, all of the sudden I'm like the cat's meow". Since then he's released 8 albums and performs all around the world. Check out his latest releases and tour dates at seasicksteve.com

Justin Johnson

Known as 'The Wizard' for his virtuosity with stringed instruments such as The Canjo, Diddley Bow and Cigar Box Guitar, Justin Johnson has toured North America, Australia, Europe and the UK. The Nashville recording and touring artist has, with his debut double album 'Smoke and Mirrors' (2014), demonstrated just how versatile these relatively simple instruments can be.

The worldwide appreciation for his numerous free educational Utube videos has led Justin to release an Instructional Series of DVDs and books on Roots Music technique and theory. His 'Roots Music School' in Nashville has influenced educators across the US and led to the introduction of a Roots Music curriculum in schools. For more information about Justin Johnson's recordings and educational resources see justinjohnsonlive.com

And Finally, A Blast From The Past.....

One String Sam

Little is known about One String Sam, an eccentric street musician who walked into Joe's Record Shop on Hastings Street in Detroit in 1956 and recorded two odd and unforgettable tracks, "I Need a Hundred Dollars" and "My Baby Ooo," He appeared briefly in 1973 at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival and was never heard of again!

One String Sam Canjo Diddley Bow

So now you've seen the Super Heroes take a look at our own One String Instruments in our

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