Rose Lovers Dulcimer
  • The Love Rose Dulcimer

    A Lovely Hand made Strumstick Dulcimer made from an upcycled Cadburys Roses Design Tin and reclaimed Mahogany.

    Electro Acoustic Dulcimer
    22.5 Inch Dulcimer Fretted Hand Shaped Mahogany Neck Made From Reclaimed Furniture
    Fully Enclosed Chrome Tuners
    Custom Mahogany Tail Piece
    Mahogany & Threaded Bar Bridge
    Pozidrive Inlay Markers
    Piezo Transducer Pick Up For Amplification Through A Standard Guitar Amp
    1/4 Inch Input Jack Socket
    Tuned to D a d with a double bottom course, effectively making it D a d d
    Due to the combination of open tuning and the Dulcimer (or diatonic) fret board, these instruments are great fun to play as it is impossible to play a 'bum' note and it hjas a beautiful rich tone.

    Like all our  Unique Musical Instruments, the necks of our Dulcimers are hand made and upcycled from reclaimed hardwood furniture.  The  Dulcimer  body is made from a decorative or vintage tin and, as with most of our Unique Musical Instruments, the Dulcimer is electro acoustic and can be plugged into any standard guitar amplifier.


    This instrument can be personalised by adding an engraved wooden plaque to the rear of the tin (max 100 chraracters) making this an ideal gift for any occasion.

    Just let me know your message when ordering.



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      North Yorkshire | UK