Moon Gazing Hare Mirror
  • Moon Gazing Hare Mirror

    A beautiful and unique wooden framed engraved mirror overlayed with an intricate wooden gazing hare sat in woodland.


    The hare is a mysterious and enigmatic creature seeped in legend and mythology.   Hares are an animal which represent illumination, intuition, promise and balance. They are strongly feminine in their energy and often come into your life when you need to look within and figure things out.


    The symbol of the moon-gazing hare is almost universal and dates back to ancient times. It symbolizes fertility. Pagans believed moon-gazing hares would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and fortune. Since ancient times people have claimed to see the image of a rabbit or hare on the face of the moon.


    The lovely mirror is set in a handmade wooden  frame measuring 30 by 45 cms  (12 x 17.5 inches) and the mirror itself is mirrored acrylic so totally shatterproof and lightweight.  The mirror has been engraved with the image of a full moon which is undertaken on the coating on the rear of the mirror so it can't be scratched or marred.

    The weight is just 850g (30 oz) and can be wall hung with a sturdy saw tooth fixing.


    Please note:
    Acrylic has a relatively soft surface compared to glass so some slight reflective distortion may occur. For this reason the mirror is not recommended where a precise image reflection is required and should be considered as a piece of mirror wall art.


    This is a totally unique mirror which addcharm and  a little magic to any home and would make a lovely gift.